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6 Greens Road, Doncaster, DN7 4DE

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ignorant trader
complained over faults with car asked for my money back under consumer rights act 2015 because I have owned car for less than 30 days he just gave me a lot of excuses and would not let me explain why I wanted my money back he said its not going to happen and just hung up will not return calls left me no option but to inform the appropriate bodies over this matter I hope he sees this review
Shocking customer service, if you can call it that
On the 27/07/16 I called A B Autos Ltd regarding a black VW polo. I began to ask a few questions about the vehicle such as, how long have you had the vehicle? Have you done the MOT yourselves? where did the car come from? Nothing to strenuous to answer or difficult to find out. The gentleman I spoke to couldn't give me a straight true answer for any of the questions asked. After one-off the questi
Shame that it's not possible to leave 0 stars. Totally pleasant man until something goes wrong. Had my C4 for 4 days and already had a £600 bill for repairs. When I rang A B AUTOS he said I gave him a horrible car in part exchange even though he only paid £250 for it and told him it was knackered, he was swearing at me, said he'd already lost loads of money on my car and he wouldn't fix it even th
Avoid like the plague!
Rude, abrupt time waster. Turned up to view and he told me he didn't have long, rushed me round the car. Was intending on p/x my Civic type R. he told me he had previously had one with full leather and spot lights. He couldn't give it away!! As a female, he treated me as some thick imbecile time waster that knew nothing about cars! I would love to see a Civic Type R with full leather, I wou
Avoid at all costs!
Very pushy seller. Then when things went wrong he was rude, insulting then hung up the phone. Car didn't even last a fortnight before things started to go wrong, he refused to even listen, never mind help.
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