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unusual way of working - wouldn't let us testdrive

We found this garage rather strange in the way it worked. It would not let my son testdrive a car and they were rather rude to him on the phone. I phoned them back as his mother - explaining we were serious buyers and wanted to testdrive a car and were well able to pay the 5k. They said that unless we had already decided it was the car we wanted and we had already agreed the finance deal they did not allow test drives. My son has a back injury so test driving a car is essential and to my mind who would buy a car without test driving it anyway? The reply was that we have to be happy it is definitely the car we want and have already agreed finance before we test drive. If we wanted to testdrive without agreeing all this then we should go to the main Vauxhall dealer - test drive the car with them and then come back and buy from Motorhub - not entirely ethical in their suggestion and why would we do that? We felt very uncomfortable with this company's approach so we decided to go elsewhere.
2021 days ago
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avoid at all cost
awful company do not buy from here
Avoid by all means.
I wish there was -100 rating here. Avoid avoid avoid. Bunch of thievs and liars. Selling cars with hidden faults. Cars are a death traps. No customer service whatsoever. Extremly hard to deal with. Horrible attitude. I'm surprised trading standards allows then to trade. For your own safety and piece of mind avoid this place. We have returned car with multiple major faults and within an hour the ca
Business as usual no messing
I saw a car I liked and enquired, straight away I got £200 discount. Ok I paid £200 non refundable deposit, which I didnt like but it was explained to me. After paying deposit I thought doh I better check this mob out and what I read worried me. I travelled down from Glasgow with my mechanic and when we arrived I was handed a set of keys and told my car was on level 3 and to take my time time goin
Bought a car and it broke with in 3 days even tho it was apparently "immaculate" condition told me cam belt been changed but car ran on a chain just to give you a taste of there poor knowledge tried everything to get my money back but unsuccessful now owe 11k and have no car
Avoid this company at all costs - scammers and thieves!!
I paid £200 deposit for an Audi, arranged to collect, phoned day before to get the code from V5 document to tax it, was told to wait and order tax on collection as it was 'easier'. Bought insurance and paid £100 on train tickets from Scotland. Stumbled on shocking reviews on train down, so paid for AA report on car. Mileage, number of previous keepers, MOT dates etc were all wrong. Phoned in a pa
Toyota supra rz/s but wasn't !!!
I bought what I thought was a rare original Toyota supra rzs 6 speed manual twin turbo for £17500 however a few days later I gave vin plate to a parts company to order something for the car I then found out the car was originally a non turbo auto which as you may no are worth no where near what I payed for the car I asked the sales man when buying the car to confirm that it was an original 6 speed
Despite friends telling me not to visit them, I took the 5 hours drive to view a car they had for sale. I was not allowed to test drive the car but took a gamble and put a deposit down. They called me the morning I was due to collect the car to say it had been written off in a freak accident. Turns out they sold it... to somebody I knew! They had to spend thousands to get it through its nex
You would have thought I was buying an ice cream they showed so little interest? Made three phone calls, sent a long email looking for information and have heard nothing back. How they sell anything beggars belief. Talk about dodgy. Avoid like the plague.
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