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Scam faulty cars !!!!

Purchased car this same day discovered problems, repair cost 800£ didn't receive my money, I won't live this like that !!!
169 days ago
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Absolutely fake dealer
Don't trust on this dealer. I buy my first car and they are tell me that car is perfect and i have texts messages from conversation with them about this. AND when i take car, after less that week and less that 200 miles car start to make problems. I go to service and check car and result was offer for repair 4.2k in BMW service (car cost around 5k). Dealer say me that they are will fix all problem
Scam faulty cars !!!!
Purchased car this same day discovered problems, repair cost 800£ didn't receive my money, I won't live this like that !!!
Hi, I've bought a car from CMH and the car looked ok. There were few dashboard lights (One for SRS and one for Transmission) and this cheater told me that it's related to the Air-bags and if you pay £100 the mechanic will sort it out. Before payment he told that If there's any problem do come back to me and I'll help you out. So I believed him. But as soon as the payment was transferred, He gave m
I phoned to ask a few decent questions and this guy just hung up
Obviously can't be bothered to even answer a decent question about a vehicle over the phone, as the guy I rang hung up on me when I asked him my first question about a vehicle they were advertising. SO: I definitely won't be bothering with them or looking at any of their cars!
Rogue Traders - how did you miss these guys!?
Called regarding a part ex - had 3 cars in mind. Was told all were available and good to go, given a value on my vehicle and told to turn up to work through some figures. Once arrived, a rude and abrupt bloke, told me the car I was looking to trade in wasn't worth even half as much as he said on the phone just 10 minutes earlier. He then increased the price on the only one of the 3 previously '
10/10 no complaints at all
Ive been buying cars from this company since May 2015 now, every few months i get bored of my car and want a change due to having a passion for motor vehicles. Every time i have brought a car from these lads they have helped me choose whats best for me and also given me an outstanding offer for my part exchanges that i have brought through. To be honest there are many second hand car dealers that
Scam scam scam
Saw a nice looking Mini on Auto Trader, big warehouse looked promising. Sent an email and a text to the mobile number listed (only number on there), but with no response. Called and spoke a sales person who responded with one word answers. Didn't say anything about the car, didn't try and sell it to me. He said it was all good to go. Turned up after a good hour's drive to find their warehouse t
Don't bother!
We went here to buy two cars - one for my mother and one for an eighteen year old who had just passed her test and saved up for buy her first car (after the one she had previously brought was no longer viable). The sales assistant was next to useless, when we called up about a Micra, he said it was there but by the time we arrived as it opened it had "gone" but still appeared on the website for we
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