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Very poor customer service

Good prices, excellent customer service, especially from Sam Coventry who made the process easy and his attention to detail, explanations and thoughtfulness were spot on. I would recommend him as your next representative.

Update: Couple of things to be sorted after sale - Customer service was made aware about this. Still waiting to be contacted by customer service rep.

Update on update: One week in workshop the steering issue is fixed. Poor communication is the problem of this place. Thanks to people like Sam Coventry this place is still standing.

Second chance: I picked up the car from workshop the other day. After my normal commute I noticed on steering I can still hear a metallic clanck and the fan noise is louder than before. Guess what, I call them and I received the same message as always: We will pass the message and somebody will call you back ASAP. I'm really sorry for Sam C, but his manager and the branch manager really don't care about their customers.

Update from 24th of Nov: My car is still
265 days ago
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Mercedes E-Class
Bought an E-Class from Sascron. Well presented, well priced. Garage wasnt keen on selling the car without a warranty however it was in my best interest to purchase one, so opted for the 1 year cover. Great car so far!
The staff reviews say it all.
What a time wasting establishment. It is evident that volume of car sales comes above caring about brand, reputation and service. I have just completed a 4 hour round trip to view a DS3 that I would happily describe as a dog. All warning signs should have been considered when the 4 year old car had never had an MOT and yet is still on the forecourt. The fact the the dealer hadn't MOT'd it wa
Unbelievable experience and would 100% recommend to avoid!
I recently went to view a Vauxhall zafira (bare in mind this is a 7 seater family car, which would be transporting young children) at Sascron in Thatcham. Everything looked perfect in the ad and on the little video tour of the car they sent me via text too. So i excitedly went to view this car, only to find it had two illegally bald tyres on the front, one wrecked wing mirror and minor dink’s/scra
Viewing & Test drive experience
What can I say . . . One of the strangest car viewing & attempted test drive experiences that I've come across to date. Me & the misses drove around 30 minutes to go and view a car from Aldermarston branch. Upon arrival we parked up in the customer car park & proceeded to the building where all the pointy shoed & spikey haired 20 something car salesmen reside. And we were not dispointed, as we w
3 Generations 18 cars excellent garage
Over the past fifteen years we have had over 18 cars from Sascron from grandma to son to grandchildren. Always excellent service with Liam having sold us 10 cars!!! Never pushy always attentive and efficient. Wouldn’t buy a car from anywhere else. My wife says I should be banned from visiting!!! Excellent choice and wide range of prices. They didn’t pay me to write this because they didn’t need to
Faulty car Range Rover
Don’t ever waste your time or money buying a car from this company lies after lies sold me a dodgey car with faulty brakes knowing I have children and needed it for work have had ongoing issues for the last 7 months there manager is a lier and everyone who works there lies and fobs you off have to call at least 5 times and leave messages until someone might even consider calling you back they buy
Avoid at all costs
Unfortunately Sascron have made the car buying process one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve ever had. We travelled for 2 hrs to be met by the salesman who had prepped the wrong vehicle for us to look at. The vehicle we had come to look at was shabby and not for us but we did find another that we liked. He was reluctant to let us drive the vehicle until we had agreed to purchase it. Despite
Excellent experience
Thanks so much to Sascron and Liam, got my new ford from these guys, helpful friendly and efficient. Thanks Sophie
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