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Terrible customer service drom mamager

I bought a Vauxhall Meriva and when driving it for only 3 days it overheated I had to call the RAC out and found the water pipe had been super glued on and the thermostat was broken. The manager said it is still under warranty and I had to drive it it 3 hours to have it looked at they did not offer to collect the vehicle and there was no way I could have drove it without breaking down the Vauxhall garage said it had to have a new thermostat and a new water pipe and they have never seen anything like it it I have tried to claim my money back that I have spent at the garage and had terrible customer service from the management I am now taking this to Trading Standards.
44 days ago
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Selling category s cars without declaring, they then told us ALL the vehicles they sell are Cat S and clearly identified as such. Vehicles up for sale with no indication of the Cat S and priced as though a standard vehicle) DO NOT BUY unless you are prepared for the hassle of a Catergory S vehicle (as in written off but then purchased back and repaired) and make sure the price reflects the c
Purchase made through distance selling due to lockdown. Dealer described condition and deposit was taken. Car was delivered but not as described. Photos taken and car rejected. Dealer has ceased all communication after refusing to return deposit. Dealer is legally obligated to return deposit so am left dealing with credit card or court action. Due to dealer refusing to honour my rights, can only l
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