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Honda type R

How very disappointing.. Thw web site looks amazing the photoss look even better. But le down by poor custom services. Bought my mid life crisis car of them, I was so looking forward to being a boy racer.. But unfortunately this was something that want going to last. I was unable to collect the car myself so I paid to have the car collected for me at £120. When I collected the car a week after wards it had been collected. I took my new car for a drive. About 1 hourvof driving the oil light came on!!! Pulled into a garage only to be told I haven’t got any oil in it! Strange considering it’s had a service and an mot.. phoned and spoke to Julian only to be told how sorry he was and it must of been an oversight!!! Ok, we all make mistakes... filled it with oil at a cost of £56. Then a few weeks later the brakes start to make a noise you wouldn’t believe. Phoned them up and told them about it, ok bring it to us and we’ll have a look. After this happened the radio stopped working, but then came back.. on and Off th
740 days ago
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Hi Roger i'm sorry you feel you have had to leave a not so favourable review the 12 year old 110,000 mile Honda Civic you bought from us. I will try and answer a couple of you concerns here for you. I can see you have concerns about having to pay £120 to a third party unknown to ourself to collect your new vehicle? I do apologise that this is the first instance this has been bought to our attention snd unfortunately we don't off a delivery service to customers whom have bought a car blind subject to subprime lending as we always advise customers to inspect there new purchase fully to avoid any buyers remorse in the future when the payments start to come from there bank account. You have mentioned the vehicle had no oil in 1 week after collection and you had to put £56 oil in the car? even tho the car had just been serviced free of charge pre collection, I can assure you if we had failed to add oil after the service i very much doubt it would have driven the 200 mile trip home to you then another 1 week driving before this became apparent. The vehicle was sold with a fresh 12 months mot carried out by an independent garage which passed the brakes fine without a mention on the advisories pre collection, And when you contacted us regarding reimbursing you with the £56 and replacement brakes this was in November 2107 even tho you claimed to have had problems from day 1 some 5.5 months earlier. We always take any complaints seriously and are proactive in trying to get a speedy resolve for our and the finance companies clients, but when the complaint comes in some time after purchase its sometimes difficult to get to the bottom of weather it was a maintenance issue that was there at the point of purchase. I have included a reply that we received from your lender that they also sent to you below. I do hope this clarifies the situation but if not please feel free to contact me at the garage any time. Regards.

Good afternoon,

The customer (email below) has sought unauthorised third party repairs.

Due to the lack of evidence demonstrating these faults were present at the time of the sale (and the dealership stating in November 2017 they were happy to inspect the customer vehicle) we would be unable to support the customer’s claim nor hold the dealership responsible.

Kind regards,

Deleted name.

Complaints Handler

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724 days ago
I bought a B Class Mercedes. The car is a cracking example, the service is exactly as I could have asked for, having trolled around garage after garage. In my experience there is nothing to fault with Hearsall Car sales. To those who knock em....If you want to pay main dealer prices - go to a main dealer and buy new. Thankyou for a great service, the car does exactly as I can expect. I'll be bac
not recomended
I found a dealer who I thought was trustworthy and honest and they appeared to be at the beginning until they had my funds only to find out later that this was not the case The vehicle I purchased was a motorhome under the stipulation that it had to be max 3500kg the dealer sold me this vehicle on that bases but stated they did not have the log book as it had been sent to the dvla to update to t
Was exactly what we wanted.
No pushy sales, very polite and good cars at great prices, Big garage with lots of choice.
Very good experience.
After reading the other reviews after purchase i thought i would leave my 2 pence worth and state that we are on our second purchase with these guys and genuinely have not had any concerns. We had an issue with our first car 2 years ago some 2 months after purchase and it was sorted straight away with out any kind of issue, Great communication, great deal, great price and great car!! we will be se
Car has had to have new bearings, New tyres, new brakes, discs and pads all round, complete new exhaust system throughout, petrol gauge doesnt work, right side window motor stopped working, hid a crack which was an mot failure with a window sticker so realised halfway home, i told them i drive for a living too. Dipstick was severed in half and no oil in the car when received. Never had such bad se
Poor Customer service
I live hundreds of miles from hearsall common car sales so was intending purchasing car dependent upon a full AA inspection. Initially ( emails to substantiate) they agreed to hold the car on confirmation of AA inspection then insisted on £100 deposit. Which l was not told was not refundable.The AA inspection took place but the garage had not made the car roadworthy despite ample warning from the
Nice car, shocking service
On review, the dealer had looked promising. The car on the website looked great, however on visit the customer service had shocked me. I had walked into the showroom with nobody around for 2-3mins until someone had finally showed up, stuffing their face full of food. He had acknowledged me just sai ‘alright m8’. At this point I just explained to him that I wanted to look at a particular car in sal
Just what I was looking for Thank you
Spent 2 visits to this Garage and was helped to find my first car, a little Corsa No pushy sales, did spend more than i wanted but more than happy with my little car, would be certainly come back for my second car as just pleased with the way things went as had no idea really what I wanted until I came in to this place
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