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1220 Tollcross Road
G32 8HH
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Scott Baillie Cars

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Tried to buy a car worst customer service I have ever experienced. Saw the car I wanted to buy returned to sign the deal unfortunately the so called sales man that approached us had the worst manner I have ever had to deal with . He was arrogant snappy and very ignorant all because I wasn't overly impressed with the figures he presented. I asked to test drive and his attitude was unless happy with figures he i quote wasn't going to waste his time!! I politely asked him to tone down his manner with me which led to him being more aggressive. At this point had enough I laughed to see the bottom of there paperwork inviting you to tell your friends!! oh I will. tHis was the Tollcross sales I did phone and complain to the Elderslie office which in turn apologised. To finish I would avoid this branch unless aggressive salesmen are what you want.
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